Word Processing and

Publishing Tutorials

Learning Electric Tutorials
Microsoft Word Video Tutorials:
Getting started; margins, tabs, and columns;
formatting text; list items; wrapping text;
tables, borders, and shading; and spelling and grammar.
Microsoft Word XP Tutorials
Microsoft Word text-based tutorials:
Lesson One: Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word
Lesson Two: Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Word
Lesson Three: Microsoft Word Basic Features
Lesson Four: More Microsoft Word Basic Features
Lesson Five: Working with Paragraphs
Lesson Seven: Microsoft Word Tables
Malek Tips
Microsoft Word text-based tutorials:
#1: Remember Shortcut Keys
#2: Add a Table of Contents
#3: Get Rid of the Fancy Quotes
#4: Tips for WordPerfect Users
#5: Disable Reading Layout
#6: Get Updated!
#7: Create Blank Lines in Lists
#8: View Page Thumbnails
#9: Disable Animated Text
There are 25 tips.
Microsoft Word Help and How-to
Columns, Demos, and Quizzes
Creating Documents
Formatting Documents
Mass Mailings
Security and Privacy
Sharing Information
Working with Graphics and Charts
Working with Text

Maximizing Word

Comments in Word
Creating Newsletter in Word
MS Word Tutorial
Sending a Word Outline to PowerPoint
Using the Split-Screen Trick
Creating a Dual Perspective Accordion Pleated Picture
Creation of Healthy Living Brochures and Writing
Presenting Story Elements
Sample Word Document with Comments Added
Transactive Brochure Word Template (Word as a publisher)
Mrs. Perkins Forms and Testing
Forms and testing/assessment related document for elementary level:
Weekly Lesson Plan Template
Classroom Grading Aid
Skills Assessment Chart
Microsoft Templates
TALK -- Literacy Activities Using
Microsoft Word
Rhyme Zone
Transactive Writing-Feature Article Style
Story Sequence with Word
Basic Comprehension
Story Teller
Mystery Scrambled Words
MS Word Projects
Category GameCallouts
Idea Web
Venn Diagram
Templates for Teachers
Creating and customizing templates using
Microsoft Office Templates
Microsoft Lesson Plan
View lesson plans from Microsoft by subject that cover grades K-12.
Lesson Plans from Thinkfinity
Lesson plans using Microsoft Word
Lesson Plan from TeachersNetwork
Lesson plans using Microsoft Word
Exploring Careers Online - The Job Hunt**
From Iroquois to Inuit: A Native American Journey**
Let's Plan a Trip**
A Virtual Tour of Brazil**
Brooklyn: Our Beloved Borough**
Discovering a Dynamic Underwater World**
Famous Faces**
Native New Yorkers**
Project Greeting Card**