Opening iPhoto for the first time

Transferring images from your digital camera to iPhoto

Creating a photo album

Print photos

Inspiring Ideas: iPhoto in Education

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Opening iPhoto for the first time

Click on the iPhoto icon on the Dock to launch iPhoto.


Transferring images from your digital camera to iPhoto

1. Connect camera with a USB cable to your computer.



2. Turn on the camera, and iPhoto will start automatically.


3. Make sure your camera is set to the correct mode.


Type a roll name and description (optional) and click the import button.

To view only your new images, select the Last Roll.


Creating a photo album

Albums are better way to organize your photo library, group the photos you want to burn to CD or DVD.

To create a photo album:
1. Choose File > New Album.

2. Type a name for your album and click Create. The album appears in your Source list.


3. Click Library, then drag photos to your new album.


Print photos

1. In iPhoto select an individual photo you want to print.

2. From the File menu, choose Print, and then make sure you choose the correct printer from the Printer pop-up menu.
In the Mac lab, the best printer for photo images is HP Color LaserJet 3500.


3. Choose a print setting from the Presets pop-up menu.


4. Enter the number of copies you want to print, and then click Print.

Inspiring Ideas: iPhoto in Education

1. Slideshows for Back to School Night or Open House
2. Slideshows of Performances, Celebrations, Assemblies, or Field Trips
3. Photo Yearbooks (For a school, a class, or a club!)
4. Photo Journalism, Documentaries, or Dramatizations
5. Time Lapsed Photography (Especially in science!)
6. Class Books (Think big books!)
7. Story Books (“Digital Story Telling”)
8. How-To Guides (Address non-fiction standards!)
9. Exercises in Classifying, Categorizing, or Compare and Contrast.
10. Photos as Anticipatory Sets, Writing Prompts, or Review
11. Document Learning (Great for parent conferences!)
12. Photo Portfolios (Can be used for student presentations, too!)