Latin B Culture Wiki

Michael McGrann

Grade range: 8th grade, versatile
Date and period: Ongoing
Subject: Roman culture
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Part 1: At the beginning of the year, I had students write questions that they would ask a Roman if they could travel back in time. I've assembled these questions, organized them into broad categories, and posted them on a wiki. The students have an ongoing assignment to peruse the questions, do some research, and respond to the questions. They may include images, weblinks, etc. in their response.

Part 2: In the same wiki, I have a space for students to discuss elements of Roman culture they see in their own lives - in literature, art, architecture, etc. Again, they can post images or weblinks if appropriate.

Activities: I plan to use some class time to teach those who aren't familiar with using wikis - or can't figure it out - how to edit entries. We'll also use class time to see what students have entered and have discussions around these topics. We'll also have to discuss how to cite sources correctly.

Tools and Resources (software, hardware, websites, books): I am encouraging students to use any resource information they can to research the questions: the internet, books, people, etc. I will also encourage them to post and photos that they may have that are appropriate. They can access the wiki from any computer that has internet access. There is no special software.

Assessment: On occasion I will ask students to work on this for homework or make it one option of several for a homework assignment. I may use high levels of participation as extra credit or as a way to improve the participation grade or a way to wipe out other missed homework assignments.