BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. BrainPOP provides educational movies and homework help for K-8 students. Each animated movie has quizzes, games, vocabulary, and activities for kids. BrainPOP Jr. is a great resource for teachers and homeschools, offering lesson plans and lesson ideas that develop critical thinking and inquiry skills.


Cosmeo facilitates learning with:
  • a constantly updated video library, including more than 30,000 video clips across all age and grade levels
  • interactive games, and homework help tools
  • 15,000+ images and a library of teacher-selected websites for students to use for school projects and presentations
  • an online encyclopedia of 27,000 full-text articles
  • the ability to monitor usage and learn alongside your students

Grandview Elementary in Monsey, NY -- Top of the Fold
"So here is another example of what elementary kids can do in terms of publishing text and audio to the Web. This is the Top of the Fold online newspaper that Grandview Elementary in Monsey, NY uses to publish student artwork, podcasts and more. The teachers have a lot to do with posting the work, but the idea is pretty simple: give kids the opportunity to share their work with wide audiences and have them teach to others what they themselves have learned." From Will Richardson’s blog.

Mr. Wright's 3rd Grade Class

Project "All About Me"
Miller uses digital cameras with students in grades K-5, offered the following suggestions for digital camera projects:
  • Snap pictures of body parts and allow students to make puzzles with them.
  • Photograph important places in the school, such as the main office, nurse's office, and media center, and display the photos to help students visually identify key places in the school.
  • Photograph parts of the daily routine and using them for sequencing activities.
  • Photograph objects that are the same color.
  • Take pictures of students and let them make trading cards with facts about themselves. Print the pictures and let students write basic favorites or facts. This is a good activity for the beginning of the year when they're getting to know one another.
  • Take pictures to represent nouns, or of students in action to show verbs.
  • Take pictures related to whatever topic you're studying. Display the pictures and have students write journal articles or short stories about them. The pictures provide a good visual prompt for creative writing.
  • If you really want to be creative, let students save pictures of their favorite cartoon characters. Have them take pictures of their own faces. Then, using a graphics-editing program, let students brush out the character's face and insert their own.


Technology for Teaches -- Wacona Elementary School, Waycross, GA
Techtorials--Tutorials to guide you through using programs like PowerPoint, Excel, and others.

Blackboard -- How to make it attractive for Elementary School kids?

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Digital Video

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