InDesign CS3 Workshop


Open InDesign

Number of Pages: 4
Paper Size>Tabloid
Columns Number>6p

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What is PICA?
PostScript pica = 4.23 millimeters

Restore the default workspace by choosing [Essentials] option on the Window > Workspace menu.

Layout>Go to Page (shortcut Apple J)

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InDesign has unlimited undos (shortcut Apple>Z)

Select File>Revert and all changes will be discarded.

Choose Layout > Margins And Columns to change margin and column settings for a spread or a page.

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Go to Window>Pages
Click on a little triangle>Panel Options>Remove check from Show Vertically
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Select a spread (pages 2 and 3), and use View>Fit Spread in Window (shortcut Option, Apple, 0)
Learn how to Zoom In/Out
Hold Apple key and + or Apple key and -
To zoom 100%, hold Apple and 1
200%, hold Apple and 2
Set your page to 75%


To insert an image, create an image placeholder and go to File>Place>browse for the image on
a hard drive.
external image File?id=dckstx25_71fgwnk4r5external image File?id=dckstx25_70dbgdgr69

InDesign put a low resolution image.
A question mark means that your link is missing and only a low resolution file will be printed.


The missing link should be relinked.



Link Info Panel

Double-click on the image inside on the Links Panel, and this will open the Link Info.


Embedding Links

Go to Links Panel>flyout menu>Embed file
Little icon will appear in Links Panel
You can unembed file the same way
Embed only small files

The Edit Original Command

Edit>Edit Original
Links Panel>Edit original button
You can Option double-click on the image and it will open in illustrator or Photoshop.
All changes you made in Illustrator or Photoshop will automatically be reflected in InDesign.

Frame Fitting Options

If you can't see the image, click and hold the direct selection tool, and you will see the whole image.
Go Object>Fitting>fit Frame to Content
Or Fill Frame Proportionally

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If a frame is larger than an image, double-click on the frame's corner handle, and large frame snaps to the image or text.


Select the Type Tool
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Drag and create a text frame
external image File?id=dckstx25_74htp9x8cg

Font: Adobe Caslon Pro Regular
Size: 76 pt or larger
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Change AV-tracking to fill the frame
external image File?id=dckstx25_76fn2p79fr

Window>Swatches>Blue C=100 M=90 Y=10 K=0
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Select Effect Panel > double-click on Text > check Drop Shadow
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external image File?id=dckstx25_88hj3cm9ch

To undo effect, select the effect and click on the recycle bin


Select Font Arial 12, Bold, Italic

Type: Silver Medal Winner, Columbia and Empire State Scholastic Press Associations

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To pick up color open Window>Swatches
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Click on a little triangle in the right corner and select New Color Swatch.

What is CMYK and RGB?
CMYK is abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. It is used in a four-color printing process.
RGB is Red, Green, and Blue. If you create an image for the Web, you have to use RGB colors.

You can find CMYK color numbers on the CMYK Color Codes website:

However, professionals usually use special books as "Color Index: Over 1100 Color Combinations, CMYK and RGB Formulas, for Print and Web Media" or "Process Color Manual, 24,000 CMYK Combinations for Design, Prepress, and Printing."

Change K (Black) from 100% to 70% to create gray color.

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Select the Rectangle Tool
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Draw a gray rectangle with Width 60p and Height 1p8.
external image File?id=dckstx25_832sbdbvc2
external image File?id=dckstx25_82gvh6cgdt

Select Type tool (shortcut is T)
Pick white color in the Swatches window.
Change to Arial, 10
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Go to Type>Tabs. Use tab stops to align text:

external image File?id=dckstx25_104dvxqcfcd
external image File?id=dckstx25_84dq4drgcs

Put into the Leader box any character, and it will appear between text, for example, a dot.



Create an image placeholder and Edit>Place the image.

external image File?id=dckstx25_90hskwpzdz

Select the Type tool and create a text frame.
Times, 30, Bold Italic
Type: Poly remembers those lost on September 11th

external image File?id=dckstx25_91fgw79tgz

Select the Type tool and create a text frame.

You can fill the text frame with placeholder text (Latin Lorem Ipsum)
Go to Type>fill with placeholder text.

external image File?id=dckstx25_120c2ng4p7h
Undo Apple Z

Go to Edit>Place and import a text file "9_11."

external image File?id=dckstx25_92f5pjjght


Edit>Spelling>check spelling
Control-click provides spelling suggestions



Preferences>Autocorrect>you can add autocorrect examples > PolyC=Poly Prep Country Day School

Finding and Changing Text


Select the Type Tool and create a text frame.
Times, 10, italic
Type: Photo by Julian Rifkind

external image File?id=dckstx25_93fgn599cf


Select the Type Tool, create a text frame and choose font.
Type: Poly builds a school in Cambodia

external image File?id=dckstx25_94z533hxd6

Select the Type tool and create a text frame.
Times 10 italic.
File>Place>text file "cambodia."
Select all text (shortcut Apple A)
Switch to Paragraph Formatting Controls

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Select Hyphenate
3 columns

Use Space After or Space Before to create spaces between paragraphs.

external image File?id=dckstx25_110cmcsb3g4

Click on the Selection tool

external image File?id=dckstx25_96dg6kh9fd

Select a text frame of Cambodia text and change the height of the frame to align text in all three frames.

If text is not reaching the bottom of the frame, select Justify.

external image File?id=dckstx25_97g7pdfpm2

Or you can Align>Justify from Object>Text Frame Options

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Open Paragraph panel, flyout window, Justification window:

external image File?id=dckstx25_1052f9vwjfp

external image File?id=dckstx25_106cbzbm6cp

Open Keep Options window and select Keep Lines Together to avoid single lines.

external image File?id=dckstx25_107cm9fh6cj

Open Hyphenation Settings

external image File?id=dckstx25_109c48jg7hr
Select the Paragraph Rules to underline text

external image File?id=dckstx25_111kwfbgdf3

external image File?id=dckstx25_112cvkpz7dm

How to wrap text arount an image?

Put an image on the top of the text and select: "wrap around an object shape" or "wrap around bounding box."



Create text frames for a title and text. Place a text file: "language.rtf"

To select a whole paragraph click four times. Edit this paragraph in the Control Panel, which has two modes:
Character mode and Paragraph mode. First, change font in the Character mode.


Type "Ga" and Garamod font will appear. Select "Garamond Premier Pro," Regular.

Press Tab to move to Font size and type 10, Leading 12, Optical kerning, make tracking 5.


Go to Paragraph mode and select Justify.


Now create a Paragraph style. Option-click on a new style button to open a New Paragraph Style dialog box. Put style name
"Body Text Style," and check "Apply style to selection."




Now, use a shortcut Apple A to select all text and apply the new style "Body Text Style."

How to Drop Cap? Select the first letter A and change value in the Drop Cap Number of Lines.


If you need to drop cap two or more letters, use the Drop Cap One or More Characters.



How to spellcheck foreign words?

Select a word and select appropriate language from the language settings in the Control Panel.


Select first paragraph of the Language text, and add 1 pica in Space After -- this will leave a space between paragraphs.


To add new features to the paragraph style, go to Paragraph Style window, and from flyout menu
choose Redefine Style. "Space After" value (1 pica) will be added to the new style "Body Text Style."

How to create Fractions?
You should have an Open Type font for this option.
Go to the flyout menu on the Control Panel > OpenType > Fractions.

What is the Open Type font?

OpenType® is a new cross-platform font file format developed jointly by Adobe and Microsoft. Adobe now offers hundreds of fonts in the OpenType format. Feature-rich Adobe OpenType fonts can be distinguished by the word "Pro," which is part of the font name and appears in application font menus.



Select the Line tool

external image File?id=dckstx25_99ds72fzgw

Draw a horizontal line
Length: 60p

external image File?id=dckstx25_100twh9xzcz

Draw 2 vertical lines

L: 12.6

external image File?id=dckstx25_101mgq5swg4

Insert 2 images.

Align "see page 2, 3, and 4" with Align Tool. Window>Object & Layout>Align

external image File?id=dckstx25_113hp6444jc
external image File?id=dckstx25_102gd44r3d6

How to group/ungroup objects?

Ctrl Click and select group/ungroup option.



Adobe PDF Presets

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Export as a PDF file

external image File?id=dckstx25_115cz4j4bhr


external image File?id=dckstx25_116hs7vc5c2

Packaging for Output

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