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According to eMarketer, the number of users of the social networks will reach 1.5 billion by the end of this year. Facebook was adopted by everyone from high school students to senior citizens. Recently, educators started to realize that Facebook could have powerful potential in the classroom as a collaborative learning tool.

Although children younger than 13 years old are prohibited from opening a Facebook account, more than 7.5 million minors have accounts at Facebook. According to the report funded by Microsoft, parents often help their children to set up Facebook accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg had appeared at the NewSchools Venture Fund's Summit and discussed the possibility of kids younger than 13 using Facebook legally. In the near future, Facebook would likely give limited access to underage users. According to analysts, Facebook could attach children’s profiles to their parents’ pages so the young users could play games and connect with a controlled network of other users.

Why should educators use Facebook in the classroom?

  • The majority of students already have Facebook accounts and they are comfortable using it.

  • Since students check their Facebook accounts regularly, they will be accessing the class content often and thinking about their lessons more frequently.

  • Facebook promotes social interchange between participants and this will support student collaboration in working on assignments or preparing for tests

  • Teachers can educate students to responsibly use Facebook and other social networking sites

  • Students can attend online lectures, follow politicians, writers, and visit virtual art galleries and exhibitions

  • There are many educational games on Facebook - crosswords, math games, scrabble, etc.


  • Distribute announcements, blog posts, events, assignments, and more right into the “live streams”

  • No need for parents or students to be your friends to get the updates

  • Develop an online community around your class

  • Important to only post things such as names and photos if permission is granted

  • Announcements should be more generic in nature


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How to Make a Facebook Fan Page?

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how to make a fan page on facebook
how to make a fan page on facebook

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