Edmodo Tutorial

Edmodo is a social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents. It is commonly thought of as the Facebook of schools. Edmodo can be incorporated into classrooms through a variety of applications including Reading, Assignments, and Paper-studying. Current uses include posting assignments, creating polls for student responses, embedding video clips, create learning groups, post a quiz for students to take, and create a calendar of events and assignments. Students can also turn in assignments or upload assignments for their teachers to view and grade. Teachers can annotate the assignments directly in Edmodo to provide instant feedback.

Create an Account

1. Visit www.edmodo.com

2. Click I am a Teacher

3. Fill out the Teacher Sign Up form.

a. Username
b. Password
c. Email
d. First Name
e. Last Name

Create Group (Class)

1. Click on Create
2. Enter a Group Name
a. I suggest using the class or
course name
b. Choose the grade level
c. Choose the subject area
d. Click Create
e. Your group is created and the code to join the group is provided.

Invite Students

1. Hover over the class name
2. Click Settings
3. Copy the Code
4. Share the code with your students
1. Send an email with a link to Edmodo.com and the Code
2. Post the Code on your webpage
3. Write it on the board and do group instruction to guide them through registration

Start a Discussion

1. Enter your discussion question or comment into the message box (type your note here).

2. Enter the Group the discussion is meant for. As you start to type a group name, from the list on the left of the screen, you can click to select from the list.

3. Click send and the question is posted to the wall for that group.

Post Assignments

1. Click on assignment in the post window.

2. Enter the assignment information. Include instructions.

3. Click to attach a file or link

Post Alerts

1. Click on alert in the post window.
2. Post a message for a student or group.
3. Choose who you want to send the alert to.

Reset Student Passwords

1. Hover over the class name

2. Click on Student Members

Invite Parents

1. Hover over the class name

2. Click Members

3. Click Parent Code

4. Copy the code and distribute to parents

5. Parents can see assignments, child’s discussion posts

From Trisha Sabel's Tutorial