In your browser, go to Poly Blackboard site:
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Enter your Username and Password. As a rule, instructors’ UserNames are assigned as first initial+last name (e.g., mbentz). Usernames are not case sensitive. Instructors’ passwords, which are case sensitive, are the same as your email passwords.
The Course Menu appears on the left side of a Course and contains links to materials and tools within the Course. The Instructor can customize the appearance of the Course Menu and the content and tools available to users.


Content Area--Syllabus


Control Panel

All course administration is done through the Instructor Control Panel, which is comprised of six function areas:

Content Areas: This area provides the tools necessary to add text, files, and information into your course.
Course Tools: This area contains the communication tools for instructors to send email, create tasks, and work with groups.
Course Options: This area contains Security and customization options for advanced management of course components.
User Management: This area provides tools for the instructor to manage users and enrollments.
Assessment: This area provides tools for building assessments, recording grades, and tracking user activity.
Assistance: This area offers support contacts and online documentation.


Class Tools--Announcements

Users view important messages from the institution staff and faculty on the Announcements page. Use Announcements to guide students through assignment sequence and to remind them of deadlines.To add an announcement go to the Control Panel, Class Tools, Announcements and click on the Add Announcement button.


Content Area - Class Documents and Course Information

  • Course Information includes documents such as:

  • Course description

  • Learning goals and outcomes

  • Required texts and other materials

  • Participation guidelines, including "netiquette" and other communication policies for e-mail and discussions

  • Grading policies; incomplete and drop policies

Class Documents displays descriptive materials about the course. Course Documents can be used to organize learning materials and lesson aids. The instructor can add, modify, and remove Course Document files and folders from the Course Documents page.This page may also be used to create new items and folders. Folders are helpful for grouping like information together. To modify an item, click Modify. The Modify Item page will appear.


Modify an Item
Attach local file -- locate a file on your computer's hard drive.

Name of Link to File -- enter the name of the link that students click to access the attached file.
Special Action -- select the special action for the link from the following options:
Create a link to this file -- Selecting this option attaches the file to the Blackboard document. A link is automatically inserted below the document title to access the file.

Display media file within the page -- Selecting this option embeds certain kinds of media within the page itself instead of creating a link.

Unpackage this file -- Selecting this option indicates to the system that the file must be unpackaged before displaying.

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Supported digital media formats are:
• Graphics: GIF and JPEG

• Video: MPEG, Quicktime, AVI

• Audio: MP3, WAV and AIFF

• Multimedia: Shockwave Flash

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Do you want to track the number of views?
Select Yes to indicate that the system is to track the number of times a user accesses this item. Use the Course Statistics page to view a comprehensive report about the number of times Select No to indicate that the number of time this page is accessed is not to be tracked.

Do you want to make item visible?
An instructor may want to create the entire course ahead of time, and refrain from posting certain information until a later date.

Class Tools --Teacher Information

Click Teacher Information from the Content Areas section of the Instructor Control Panel.


Step 7: Content Area--Assignments and Books

Assignments lists the due date and description for class work. The instructor posts assignments and can modify the task and due date from the Assignments page. Instructors post content including recommended reading lists and items relating to articles of literature in the Books area. Instructors control the content of the Books. You can add Assignments and Books to the Menu under Manage Class menu > click on Content Area > Name > Assignments or Books.


Course Tools--Discussion Board

Discussions for the module (you cannot place discussions within Course Document or Assignment folders directly, but you can create a short description of the module's discussion topic and a prompt for students to go to that discussion within the Communication area of the course.

Course Tools--Digital Drop Box

The Digital Dropbox is used to exchange materials between a single student and the instructor. Information that needs to be posted for all students should be placed in the Course Documents area.

Instructors may send files to students using the Send File page. Instructors may select one or many students to receive the file. The file will appear in each student's digital dropbox.

GO EASY DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS Many students will be experiencing the online course environment for the first time. They will need a little time to grow comfortable navigating the Blackboard environment. Don't overload the first week with content-heavy assignments; design some low-pressure activities to guide students through the online course environment. Post a brief, clear overview of your Blackboard course site in the Course Information area. Explaining the logic of your organization will help students navigate the online course environment