Anastasia Nakos
Subject: English
Grade: 5

Dave at Night

Date: 05/09/08

Dave at Night -- a wonderful book where a young boy who is sent to an orphanage, escapes and experiences the grandeur of the Harlem Renaissance.

Brief description of the unit:
1. Images of the Harlem Renaissance
2. Music on iTunes circa 1926
3. Jewish community circa 1926, Lower East Side
4. Map of Harlem with points of interest.

Literary Study of CHASING VERMEER

Anastasia Nakos and Gail Karpf

Technology: iPhoto and iWeb.

Our fifth grade lesson plan pertains reading and literary study of CHASING VERMEER by Blue Balliett.
This story uncovers a mystery of a Jan Vermeer painting that has gone missing.

First, we can play a "Masterpiece Match" on to recognize painters.

We will set up a "virtual tour" of Dutch painters of the 17th century, particularly Jan Vermeer. We have a series of questions for the students to answer on this/these artists (six questions). The virtual tour would be through galleries of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, The Frick Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or a Famous museum in Europe that houses Vermeer -- Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, and National Gallery in London.